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London MCM ComicCon 23 Gallery - Life of a Lemon

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31st May , 2013

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04:19 pm - London MCM ComicCon 23 Gallery

Originally posted at ManyLemons, you can reply here or there.

Convention: London MCM ComicCon 23
Venue: London ExCeL Centre
Date: 24th-26th May 2013
Photos Taken: 5,819 (960 after cut)
Total Data: 67.1Gb

Gallery Links:

Now fully into its new brand, MCM ComicCon landed on a gloriously-weathered weekend (ignoring the dismal Friday) and once again hit record attendance, I’m hearing about 76,000 strong?

A proper run for the new steadicam rig, although amidst desk duty, masquerade duty and dodging the other half dozen steadicam operators in force, I didn’t get nearly as much time as I’d have liked out and about.  The gallery is sadly looking a little thin once more.  Clearly I need more minions.


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